ATLANTA, GA – (March 4, 2022) – XINNIX, Inc., the premier provider of sales, operations and leadership performance programs welcomes a new National Sales Executive, Sue “Alpha” Keenan, to their team.

Keenan is an accomplished sales professional and product launch leader with nearly 30 years of experience in the medical devices and financial industries. During her career in medical device sales, she observed and participated in hundreds of surgeries, acting as a liaison in the operating room to provide technical support and assistance to those medical professionals using the devices she sold.

Susan thrives on being in the field working with clients to support their business needs. “It is my mission to immerse myself in the products and services I represent, while creating collaborative and dynamic team environments that support professional and personal growth,” said Keenan. “I believe real success is defined by client and team satisfaction.”

Keeping in line with the XINNIX aviation and military theme and a team-centric culture, each associate is given a call sign as part of their initiation into the XINNIX family. Keenan has been dubbed “Alpha” after the first letter of the Greek alphabet. Susan is a lifetime member of the Alpha Phi sorority at her alma mater, West Virginia University, where she held one of the highest and most visible leadership positions, Executive Rush Chairman. The motto of the Alpha Phi sorority is “hand-in-hand” which speaks to Keenan’s team spirit and love of working together with clients to find the best solutions to fit their needs.

Alpha also means “something that is first or beginning,” and Keenan is excited for what is ahead in this new beginning as part of the XINNIX team. “I believe in the power of relentless focus on customer relationships and delivering value that ensures unparalleled business growth,” said Keenan. “I look forward to helping my clients experience this for themselves.”

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