ATLANTA, GA – (March 4, 2022) – XINNIX, Inc., the premier provider of sales, operations and leadership performance programs welcomes a new National Sales Executive, Donna “Liberty” Cecchini, to their team.

Before joining XINNIX, Cecchini spent over 15 years building an incredibly successful career in the real estate industry before starting her own coaching and consulting company to help entrepreneurs, producers and executives turn their vision and goals into reality.

She holds certifications in DISC training – to help leaders and producers communicate more effectively and efficiently – and meditation and mindfulness – to help others understand how to work powerfully without losing their health to the stress that often follows high-pressure positions.

Keeping in line with the XINNIX aviation and military theme and a team-centric culture, each associate is given a call sign as part of their initiation into the XINNIX family. Cecchini has been given the call sign “Liberty.” On choosing her call sign, Cecchini said, “I live my life, both personally and professionally through the lens: with discipline comes freedom. I believe that through developing a vision, creating a plan, and executing on that plan, anyone can create a huge life for themselves and their families and loved ones.”

Liberty’s vast sales, leadership development and real estate experience partnered with her passion for equipping others with the tools they need to build their own successful careers makes her a perfect fit for the XINNIX team and an incredibly valuable asset to their clients and partners.

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